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Welcome in one of it's kind Polish "July Manifesto 10th-Anniversary Stadium", where you can buy numerous goods from all corners of Europe!

Sell your goods, become rich and don't let anyone to steal your belongings !


Use Mouse to drag items from your inventory to slots on the right side.
Click on customers when they have exclamation sign above their head to sell them an item.
Beware of thieves! They look like normal customers but will try to quietly steal your goods and run away with them. Click on thief to retrieve stolen goods.

Remember to replenish your stock after each day at the market.

If by 7th day You do not have enough money for debt collector, you will end up on the street. But if you survive for a month you will be forever free from the nightmare of taxes.

Game By 2 programmers;

  • Adrian Olszowski
  • Maciek Golec


Jarmark Europa v2.zip 34 MB

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